On this page you’ll find links to detailed information on some of the more popular items in OEM Control’s product range, including spare parts drawings, service bulletins, and product literature.

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JS6 Multi Axis Joystick Controller

JS6 Controller

View JS6 Controller

JS1 and JS4 Multi Axis Joystick Controllers

JS1 / JS4 Controller

View JS1/JS4 Controllers

HMS7 Single Axis Joystick Controller

HMS7 Controller

View HMS7 Controller

JS3 Joystick Controller

JS2 / JS3 Controller

View JS2/JS3 Controllers

JS5 Multi Axis Joystick Controller

JS5 / JS5D Controller

View JS5 Controller

MS4 Joystick Controller

MS4 Controller

View MS4 Controller

MS6 Single Axis Joystick Controller

MS6 Controller

View MS6 Controller

RS1 and RS2 Rotary Controllers

RS1 / RS2 Rotary Switch

View RS Controllers

HJS8 Joystick Controller

HJS8 Handle

View JS8 Controller

HJS7 Multi Axis Joystick Controller

HJS7 Handle

View HJS7 Controller

MG25 Joystick

MG25 Handle

View MG25 Handle

MG26 Joystick Handle

MG26 Handle

View MG26 Handle